• New Sign In/Sign Out arrangements

    As of 1st June, you will be required to sign in and sign out for your child. We understand that this may seem like a bit of an inconvenience (particularly in the mornings when every minute counts) but our paramount consideration has to be the safety and happiness of the children. We will try our best to make the process as quick as possible.

  • May’s newsblog

    Welcome to a packed edition of this month’s newsblog

    Last Week

    This month our theme is all about “People in the community” and the children have been having a great time learning about people who help us. Last week we had a special visit from our local fire fighters and the children could not have been more excited. It was not all fun and games as the fire fighters made sure to encourage the children to never play with matches and we learnt about the “Stop, Drop

    image and Roll” procedure in the event of a fire.

    There have been some fantastic efforts from the groups during Cooking Thursdays (which is soon to become Cooking Fridays). Last week saw Sunshine children make banana fritters, Woodlands a delicious fruit salad and Explorers made some lovely spring rolls.

    No Shoes

    We pride ourselves on offering a genuine home from home environment and the children certainly feel comfortable when they are in the setting. We are frequently searching for stray shoes and socks as the children get comfortable during the day. We have therefore decided to trial a “No Shoes” policy in the nursery. This will apply to children, parents, staff and visitors ensuring a clean and comfortable environment for your children. If you prefer, you are of course welcome to bring in a new pair of plimsols or slippers to remain at the nursery. Shoe covers are also available. We will keep you updated on the practicalities of this policy.

    Summer Fair

    We will be hosting a Summer Fair on Saturday 11th July. It promises to be a great event with games, face painting, activities and more. In an attempt to strengthen our ties with the local community, we will be having stalls where local business’ are able to promote their services. If any of our parents would like to take a stall please do let me know.

    Tickets for the fair will be 1 pound per child (in advance) with accompanying adults going free.


    We offer varied and nutritious meals for the children and are always looking for ways to introduce the children to new foods. Please do let us know if you have any comments on the menu or even just to let us know what is your child’s favourite food at home.

    Staff Profiles

    Want to know a bit more about the people teaching our extra curricular activities? We have updated our main website with Staff Profiles: http://discoverynursery.org/staff/

    Nursery Closure

    Please remember that we are closed on Thursday 28th May for Staff training day as well as Monday 25th May which is a bank holiday.