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    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas……

    The Christmas play is fast approaching and rehearsals are well underway. You have probably heard your little ones singing christmas songs so please do encourage them to keep practising at home. Due to space restrictions, we will have to limit the numbers to a maximum of 3 people per child.

    Last week, we requested that some children bring in certain items of clothing for their costumes. Please do start to bring them in this week as we begin out full dress rehearsals.

    I am disappointed to say that we still have had no santa! It will be a shame for the children to miss out on meeting Santa at the nursery so please do have a think about whether you would like to volunteer to be Santa this year, and let us know at the earliest (if only so we can make sure we get an outfit that fits :-)

    Introducing Diggers

    Some of you may have seen the changes to Sunshine room. After tracking the children’s interests and looking into the benefits of Construction Play in the early years, we have turned Sunshine into a construction room. The children are able to choose from a vast range of resources including lego, marble runs, work benches, connect-a-straw and much more.  It is amazing to watch them build a car out of cardboard boxes and a castle out of blocks. And, not to mention the learning as they talk about different sizes, heights and so much more.

    With all of this, it is only fitting that the name of the room reflects its purposes. As of 1st December, it will officially be called Diggers Room.

    Outdoor Area

    You will also start to see changes to our outdoor area as we think of ways to improve the outdoor experience. We have introduced some balancing materials in the form of tyres and stepping stones and Tobi’s dad has grand plans for a mud kitchen. If you have any resources at home that you think will be useful, please do bring them in.

    Family pictures.

    Every once in awhile, we ask you to bring in family pictures which we send back home. This time we want one that we can keep – as we develop our home corner.

    Late Fees

    As of 1st December, you will get an email confirmation within 48 hours of any late fees incurred.

    Joiners and Leavers

    We are pleased to welcome back Laphia who will be with us on an adhoc basis.

    This month we are also pleased to welcome Jayda, who will be joining Diggers.

    We are extremely sad to say goodbye to Gabriel whose family are moving to High Wycombe. Gabriel has been a great addition to the Discovery family and will be missed by us all! We wish Gabriel and his family all the very best for the future.







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    We cannot believe that it is already November – which means X amount of sleeps until Christmas!!! It has been lovely watching the children over the past month.  We have seen them running around the nursery highlighting possible dangers, learning about stranger danger, and having fun in the sensory room with LED balloons, lanterns and glow in the dark body paint. A particular highlight was halloween and the children made a real effort with their costumes. IMG_7288A special thanks to Dhian’s parents and nan who helped us coordinate a trick or treat – we all had a lot of fun. We have updated the gallery in Parentzone with some pictures. You may also notice that our website is being updated. We now have a general gallery page which includes pictures but you will see that we do not include any face on pictures of the children (for privacy and security).

    Little Whisks


    IMG_7302We were sad to say goodbye to our little whiskers who joined us for our holiday culinary Little Whisks workshop. They had the pleasure of being taught by guest chefs including a renowned chocolatier and made some fabulous things to take home.

    Baby Yoga

    This month we have introduced Little Yoga. Yoga has very benecial effects on children. It provides strength, mobility and elasticity and helps them relax and learn to control their own body. These sessions are all about stimulating the senses and movement, whilst having fun. As with all our activities, the children can choose whether or not to participate and it is amazing how we already have a line of children queuing to join the yoga class each day.

    New Joiners

    snailJoey the Snail! Joey is an African land snail and the children have enjoyed spraying him, feeding him and helping to clean his tank. African land snails can live for up to 40 years and grow up to 20cm so we are looking forward to seeing the changes.


    You should all know about our Firework safety competition. We are already seeing some incredible posters coming in and encourage you all to work with your children to create something that is special to them. Deadline is Thursday!

    Children in Need

    We are fundraising for children in need and we thought what better way to do this than have a bake off! Parents are invited to bring in their home made goodies on Monday 9 November. We will then open up our cake shop from 4pm so you can all come and buy a slice on collection. To make sure that the children are involved, we are inviting the children to come dressed in their onesie’s on Friday 13th November.

    Christmas…… already!

    We thought it was important to get the date for the Christmas play in the diary as soon as possible. So, here it is….. drum roll please….. Friday 11th December. Time to be announced soon. Talking of Christmas, we understand that Father Christmas may be a little busy this year and so we are looking for some volunteers amongst the dads or granddads to act as a substitute for the children. Please let us know if you are interested.


    Please check that your children’s clothing and bedding is properly labelled. With the amount of changes we do, it is inevitable that clothing will get mixed up so please do help us out by labelling everything properly. Can we also kindly request that you have a look in your children’s cubby holes and take home anything that is not needed. All essentials should fit within one small bag to enable us to also have room for shoes (which will go into shoe boxes that have been ordered). Please kindly review the item’s in your child’s cubby. If you bring a buggy with you to nursery, please do remember to put a rain cover over it (even if the weather looks bright). The weather is so temperamental that it could rain any minute and unfortunately, we are not able to take responsibility for buggies (and do not have capacity to store them). Kimberley will be on holiday on 5 and 6 November. During this time her key children will be the responsibility of Dora and Funmi.