• This Week

    There was no blog last week so I am going to pack it all in to this one!

    We love celebrating and the past two weeks have been great. Jayda celebrated her 2nd birthday on the same day that we got dressed up for World Book Day. That week, we were also fortunate enough to have some parents come in and read to the children. All the children were very excited to welcome their friends parents.

    IMG_8302 worldboookday























    The lost and found box is getting quite full with children’s socks and the stray glove. Please do have a filter through to see if any of these items belong to your child.

    Unfortunately, it is quite common for children’s items to be separated from their owners, and unless  each item has been individually labelled,, it is very difficult (almost impossible) for us to work out whose they are. So, please do have a look in the lost and found box if you are missing any items.



    We are always talking to the children about ways to help the environment and it is important that as a nursery we are doing all we can too. One of the ways we think we can help is by reducing the number of plastic bags we use. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be introducing ‘wet bags’. These bags will be in your child’s cubby and will contain any wet or dirty clothing. The wet bag will stay at nursery and we will ask parents to keep a disposable bag in your bag to collect any wet or dirty clothing so that the Wet Bag always stays at nursery. Any clothing that has been soiled will of course be bagged up by us. I hope this is clear but please do feel free to ask any questions at the door.



    explorersThis week the theme has been about ‘Transportation’. Preschool had fun building cars out of boxes and containers. They also used the theme to learn about the concept of big and small as they had to put a range of vehicles into size order. They did a fab job.





    Sequencing was also reinforced this week, and all the children did very well with their repeating patterns.




    woodlandsWoodlands children had a lot of fun making vehicles and we were very impressed with the results. Some children made cars whilst others chose to make rockets! The children also had to sort vehicles in accordance with where you would expect to find them. Our children are very smart cookies!





    diggersThis theme really allowed Diggers to get creative as they used vehicles to make marks. Mark making is incredibly important for children in the early years. The children were very confident to talk about colours and shapes.





















    17 March – St. Patrick’s Day

    25th and 28th March – Statutory holidays (Nursery will be closed).