New Joiners

    We are pleased to welcome Alexander and Fazal to Woodlands, and Jeremiah to Explorers.

    New Register format

    You may have seen the new sign in/out format. This new document will be printed each month and will allow us to easily track any missing gaps. It is important for safety reasons that children are signed in and out of the premises. We have a practice ‘Evacuation Drill’ every month and this document is used to verify which children are on the premises.

    As with all new things, the new format will take some getting use to :-) I have had a little bit of feedback already and in light of this will ensure that we highlight each relevant week.

    Last Week

    breakfast playdoughThe children have had a blast using our new play dough station and self service breakfast bar. Toast has suddenly become very popular as the children are excited to use the toaster themselves (under supervision).

    Summer is on its way.

    With this beautiful weather, it is imperative that your children are properly protected. Please do apply all day suncream to your children before nursery. While we do not spend all day outside in direct sunlight, we do spend approximately 3 hours a day (sometimes more!) outside learning.

    We are sure you can appreciate with up to 30 children a day attending, woman find it difficult to apply suncream to each and every child having to wash our hands in between each one to stop cross contamination of individual suncreams for allergy reasons.

    Therefore, please help your children ad us by applying an all day sun cream like P20 10 hour protection or similar. Please check with your chemist which brand is suitable if your child suffers from a suncream allergy.

    Also, a named sun hat to protect their little heads please.

    Discovery’s Got Talent

    The sound of the children rehearsing has been filling the air as the children get ready to display their talents. We have not extended invitations to parents as some of the younger children have been so confident showing their peers but may be anxious in front of unfamiliar adults. We want this to be an enjoyable event for them so… you will just have to wait for a video clip :-)

    Aldenham Farm

    The deadline has now passed for the permission slips to be returned. I have to admit that we underestimated the amount of interest with over 90% of the children accompanying us on the day.

    Please note that the nursery will be closed on the day of the trip.

    Important Dates

    30 May – 3 June – Half Term: for those accessing funded hours only

    17 June – Staff training Day

    24 June – Aldenham Farm (nursery closed)

    1 July – Preschool Graduation (and a few tears!)