We are back with another blog! I know it has been awhile :-)


    Since the last update, we have celebrated the birthdays of Anaya, Olivia and Isaiah (and have many more to come throughout June).

    New Joiners

    We are pleased to welcome Jasmine to Diggers.

    Home Learning

    You should all now be aware of the new home learning arrangement, which we think is going very well. There has been such a demand that we are struggling to make enough HL bags but the bags will be updated on a regular basis. Please do speak to your child’s key person about the activities that you think will be good to extend at home, and please also let us know face to face, or through the diary how your child got on with the activity. Please do remember that HL bags are to be taken one at a time and must be returned within 7 days (with the exception of the camera which is over the weekend only).

    We also want to know what you do with your children when they are not in the setting. Are there games that you play, or activities that you do together that we can learn from or replicate. Please let us know.


    Recipe Bag

    In the spirit of sharing, we have also placed a small green canvas bag in the entrance way. It contains recipes of some of the delicious treats your children make on Cooking Fridays. Feel free to take a recipe card on Friday to bring back on Monday. Please also add to it if you have any recipes that you use when cooking together at home.


    Aldenham Farm

    We have had a great response to our trip to Aldenham Farm and the children are very excited. Please note that due to unprecedented demand, we have no space on the trip for anyone who wanted to volunteer. It can be unsettling for children if not all parents are able to come and we are therefore happy that the trip will be nursery staff and children only. There will be plenty of pictures and I am sure your little ones will recount the experiences of the day.


    Policy Update

    Our policy section has been updated: Separated Parents policy has been included. Please review.

    Important Dates

    Staff Training Day – 17 June 2016

    Aldenham Farm Visit – 24 June 2016 (nursery closed)

    Preschool Graduation – 1 July 2016 (This event is for the parents of our Preschool children only).

    Last Week

    Our theme last week was dominated by super heroes.

    The children became super heroes as they made super hero costumes and worked together to free the teddies! Role play was continued as the children turned the preschool room into a hair salon.  Cooking Fridays was a great effort as the children made pancake bites with their own toppings, and vegetable pies.

    On Friday, we had a visit from Grace the story teller, who brought the magic to Discovery.


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