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    The summer is here and we are all excited. Please can I remind parents to apply 10 hour sun cream on their children prior to coming to nursery.

    As you are aware, it is our policy NOT to apply suncream to children during the nursery day due to the risk of allergic reactions. It is however, important that children come to nursery with adequate sun protection, including a sun hat.

    Improvement plan

    We strive for continuous improvement and over the next few weeks, you will see a number of changes. We conduct regular observations and assessments of our environment and process’ and have devised an action plan of short, medium and long term goals.

    I would like to share these with you and would love to know from you if there is any area of nursery life that you think we need to address. I have heard a few grumbles from parents about the time it takes to sign in and out of the paper sign in sheet (not to mention the fact that we are always losing pens!) So, we have listened and responded: As of Monday, you should check in and out on the new electronic check in system. Many of you have trialled it last week and the feedback I received was positive. Please do provide any additional feedback about how the process goes.

    The entrance area is also being improved as a result of feedback. We have decided to dispose of the cubby holes and will replace them with pegs and wall mounted shoe storage.

    One of our long term goals is to develop the outside area, including converting the back of the property into an additional garden. We have invested in some new outdoor resources which should arrive in the next few weeks and I am excited to make further improvements.

    Goodbye Preschool

    Over the next two months we will be saying goodbye to our Preschool Class. So, we took the opportunity, before some of them go on holiday to have a graduation and send them off in Discovery style. We do a lot in the run up to transition to big school to get our children ready. Thanks to out links with local schools, we role play in school uniform, take a visit to the local schools and were invited to meet the teachers and take pictures of our children’s new classrooms. It is fantastic to be able to talk to the children about their new teachers and get them excited about what we know will be a successful next step.



    graduation graduation2














    Here are a few pics of our activities this week, and photos that should have been uploaded of our trip to Aldenham Farm. Enjoy!

    diggers july diggers july 2 farm 1 farm 2

























    Menu Change

    Please note that there will be a menu change this week. We sat down with the children and they were very clear that due to the hot weather the menu needs to change. The children suggested ice-cream, jelly, yoghurt and juice as alternatives to our healthy menu and we took that as they wanted a lighter, cooler menu for the summer.


    This Week

    The past couple of weeks have been one of our busiest! I apologise for the lack of images but I am posting this from abroad and the wifi is not great so will update when I am back.

    Aldenham Farm was a particular highlight and it was incredible to witness the children’s enjoyment. They handled rabbits and Guinea pigs in the petting area, fed various animals and took part in the Winnie the Pooh workshop. The children were incredibly well behaved and it was a great day for all.

    Last Week, I attended the Greenford Carnival. It was lovely to catch up with some of our parents out of the setting. I had a lot of positive comments about your nursery experience and suggestions for improvements which are always well received. I am going to start including an action plan of what we as a setting are working towards and welcome parent comments/feedback. As well as parents and children, our stall at Greenford Carnival was also visited by the Mayor of Ealing and our local MP.  They were both very complimentary of the nursery and knew all about us!

    Preschool Graduation was last week and we were all so proud to see our Preschoolers happy and confident to be taking the next step to Bug School. Many thanks to all the parents that attended, it was truly special. We are continuing to help our children transition to big school and have received some uniform from Woodend Primary and Horsenden Primary to help us in our role play. Horsenden Primary also allowed us to take some pictures of the classroom that two of our children will be going on to, and Yasmine is hoping to organise a walk to our nearest school. To enable the children to see what the big school looks like.

    Activities this week included an understanding of  Eid as the children built a mosque in our construction area, decorated crescent moons and stars and made fandom lanterns. Lily and Larry came to visit us on Friday, and the children baked some delicious cupcakes.