• Before I go on to give you March highlights, I would just like to remind you that our theme in February was “All Around the World”. As part of that theme, we thought it would be lovely for the children to interact with other children their age in other countries. We reached out to nurseries in Poland and Singapore who would like to have us as a pen pal. And we have made some lovely connections. We would like the children to be able to send across their drawing and notes to their new friends. And maybe even a picture of their class. If you would NOT like your child to participate then please let me know.IMG_2429







    We are so glad that March  was a long month because we struggled to fit in all the fantastic activities we had planned. The weather has not been great but we managed to squeeze in some trips to the park on the few sunny days :-) IMG_7362 IMG_7361











    The focus in March was on Spring. The children were encouraged to participate in gardening and to learn about how fruits and vegetables grow.

    The children learn’t about the germination process, made bird seed ornaments, and were introduced to the process of photosynthesis.








    Spanish sessions last month focused on the names of different fruits and vegetables. The children were amazing.IMG_4780








    Sports Relief

    Many thanks for your contributions. We were able to donate 50 pounds to this worthwhile charity.media-download-5 copy









    World Book Day

    Many thanks to those parents who came in to read a story to the children. It was lovely to have the parents in the nursery.

    story parent








    As part of World Book Day, we also set the staff a competition. With no budget at all, they had to try and bring a story to life. The entries were all amazing. Winners: Charisse (Greenford) and Natasha (Eastcote)

    story comp







    Preschool trip to Pizza Express. We thought that we would travel to ‘Italy’ the home of Pizza, but found out that the first pizza was actually made in Egypt and named after the Queen Margherita.

    IMG_7201 IMG_7186











    Preschool objectives for next term is to reinforce blending and segmenting, introduce sight words and work on simple sums.


    Parent feedback: We are committed to good customer service and ensuring that we maintain our high quality. A survey to gain parent feedback will be sent over the next couple of weeks.


    Spring Term reports will be available for you to view from week commencing 16 April 2018.



    3 May 2018: Eastcote nursery is closed for Polling Day.

    11 May 2018: Mini beasts trip (toddlers) – trips are always subject to change

    25 May 2018: Greenford Staff Training day