• 7.30 am The Nursery Opens
  • Breakfast time: The children are able to choose from healthy breakfast options such as cereals, porridge, wholemeal toast, yoghurt and fruits.
  • During the morning, the children participate in free play and circle time. The children are able to choose which activity they want to participate in and there will also be a group/individual planned activity. We currently provide Spanish sessions as part of our “Fun with languages program”.
  • Snack time: Delicious snacks, such as crackers, fruit, rice cakes, mini-cheeses and vegetable dips are provided mid-morning.
  • Outdoor play is very important for young children so all of the children will use our outside areas every day (and often twice a day!). We have a an outdoor sand pit, water area and gardening/vegetable patch.
  • 12.00 pm Lunch time: Our meals are freshly prepared on site by our dedicated chef. Our meal plans can be accessed via Parentzone.
  • During the afternoon, those children who wish to have a rest are able to do so. We provide individual beds and individual bedding.
  • The afternoon is filled with fun for the children as they participate in circle time, garden play, free exploration and focused activities. We also have ¬†a weekly gymnastics class which the children love.
  • Tea Time: A healthy tea is provided for the children such as soups, quiche and¬†homemade sausage rolls.
  • 6.00 pm The Nursery Closes

Please note this is not a routine and is flexible to the needs and wishes of the children