COVID19 Health & Safety measures

Discovery Nursery will be open to all children from 1st June 2020. The safety of your child and the team is paramount and we have put in place some strict measures to keep us all safe.


  1. 100% of the team at Discovery have successfully completed COVID 19 training to ensure that they are prepared and alert to symptoms.
  2. Parents, and external visitors, are not permitted into the setting during nursery hours.
  3. Parent handovers have been staggered to minimise risk and all parents must remain alert to the 2m rule when waiting outside.
  4. Everyone entering the building is temperature checked on entry and must wash their hands.
  5. Children will be allocated to small ‘families’ and social distancing will be maintained between families, including staff.  There will be no social distancing measures between children in the same group, which is consistent with the guidance which requires that we keep the children in small consistent groups.
  6. Our cleaning schedules are robust with regular cleaning through the day and a deep clean at the end of each day. Resources that conflict with this, such as soft furnishings, have been removed.
  7.  We will foster understanding amongst the children in an age appropriate way to ensure that the children feel safe and secure.
  8. We will be conducting a large portion of our day outdoors (higher degrees of ventilation).
  9.  We will comfort, support your children’s wellbeing and learning whilst continuing to have lots of fun!

Click here to read our COVID 19 policies