The Nursery is open 49 weeks of the year (closed for the last 2 weeks in August and for 5 working days at Christmas). During these 49 weeks, the nursery will be closed when group outings take place, polling days, staff training days and public holidays. NO refund will be made on such days.


1. All fees are due Monthly in advance by Direct Debit and must be paid on the first day of the month in advance. A pupil may be withdrawn whose fees are not paid promptly.

2.  FREE ENTITLEMENT – The government funding is given to your child, via the setting, the term AFTER your child’s third birthday (and the term after your child’s second birthday where they are eligible for 2 year old funding). Access to the ‘free entitlement’ only spaces are accessible during afternoon sessions, unless indicated otherwise by Discovery.

3. A full month’s notice in writing is required in advance before the removal of a pupil. Failing this, a month’s fees will be charged (as paid by the parents at the time). A ‘Months Notice’ means that written notice must be delivered or emailed to ‘The Manager’ at 72 Currey Road, Greenford UB6 0BG. No other form of notice will be accepted. Notice given during the public holidays will NOT be accepted.

4. No reduction is made for temporary absence, illness or for when the nursery is closed due to holidays or for group outings i.e. should your child not take part in the outing no refund will be given.

5. Entry is solely at Discovery’s discretion. Discovery reserves the right to request the removal of a pupil if parents fail to follow the nursery’s code of conduct – treat all those involved with the setting with respect and equality. In such a case no refund will be made. However, there will be no liability for the next month’s fees. Should this happen the local authority will be informed.

6. The children must be collected promptly. Fees will be incurred if the child is collected later than 6.00pm.

7. Discovery reserves the right to change staff, classrooms, the location, the timetable, courses, dates or hours of opening if it deems it necessary without a month’s notice. However, whenever possible parents will be consulted.

8. When rises in costs make an increase in fees essential it may be necessary to give less than a month’s notice of this. Fee levels are reviewed at least once a year.

9. If the nursery has to close due to a group outing or emergency, e.g. weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances, no part of the fee will be repayable.

10. 2.5% compound interest per month or part of a month, is payable on all overdue fees. All costs incurred in the collection of unpaid fees (excluding the free entitlement) including our administrative costs and any costs of solicitors acting on our behalf shall be recoverable in full. The above will not apply to parents accessing the free entitlement only.

11. Bank charges on returned cheques are levied in full.

12. A deposit of the lesser of one month’s fees or £500 + the first month’s fees  is payable within 10 days of the letter of offer. This will not be applicable if you are applying for the ‘free entitlement’ period only. The deposit is deducted from the final month’s fees providing that a full month’s notice has been given prior to the child leaving and that no additional payments or fees are outstanding. If the child does not attend the nursery once the place has been accepted, then the deposit is not refundable, therefore, think carefully before a place is accepted. No deposit will be charged if your child is accessing free entitlement sessions only.