Join Discovery Nursery

Children are registered from the age of 2. All are welcome, irrespective of religion, race or need. Parents wishing to enrol their child for entry to the Discovery Nursery & Preschool must complete and submit the Registration Form below and pay a non-returnable registration fee of £60.00. (Cheques should be made payable to Discovery Nursery and Preschool and sent to us at 72 Currey Road, Greenford UB6 0BG)

On receipt of the completed Registration Form and fee the child’s name will be entered on a waiting list for the month requested by the parents. No guarantee is given that a place will be offered.

In the event that insufficient places are available for all those registered for entry to the school the following allocation procedure will be adopted: –

Priority will be given to brothers and sisters of past and present pupils at the discretion of Discovery. When the priority places have been filled those remaining will be offered to those children on the waiting list in order of registration date.

    Registration Form


    Medical Details

    • Epilepsy?Diabetes?Asthma?Allergies?

    Further information

    • The above is just to give us an indication of your plans for the future