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    Lat week we celebrated Amelie turning 4.


    New Joiners

    A warm welcome to Michal and Selena who will be joining us this week.


    Our entrance is a work in progress :-) You will notice that we have now created a Parent’s Board to try and give you a bit more visibility of all the important information. It will clearly show your child’s key person, documents we are required to display by law, and will also give you more information on our continuous provision. We would really welcome your feedback on all the changes we have been making so please do use the feedback book in the entrance area.

    Bikes and Scooters

    Many of our children come into nursery with their own bikes and scooters. Now that we have created a separate playground at the rear, we have been discussing the best place for scooters/bikes brought from home. We have cleared the lane to the left of the playground and scooters and bikes can be left there. Please ask a member of staff to show you if you are not clear. Whilst the area is secure, please note that we cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage.

    School Bus Fund

    We are determined to be able to fund a school bus and have decided to initiate a coffee morning to help raise some funds. We will sell cakes and tea during the morning to parents and the local community. Please do support us.  Date to be announced.


    Lost and Found

    We seem to be accumulating more and more items for the lost and found. I will be posting a picture on the blog of all new items found and we will keep the items for 7 days before disposing, so please do identify any from the picture below. Or let us know if you are missing anything in particular.



    This Week

    Last Week our continuous provision focussed on the theme “All About me” – It was lovely for the children to learn about themselves, and each other.

    The children were ecstatic to have Aibhlin back for gymnastics and were keen to try out all her new equipment.

    Spanish was a lot of fun as the children learnt about parts of the body in Spanish. It was amazing to hear them joining in with the Spanish version of the popular song ‘If you are happy and you know it”. By the end of the session, they were all familiar with the Spanish word for hands, nose and feet, and correctly labelled body parts.

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    This Week

    This Week we are exploring books by Roald Dahl in recognition of Roald Dahl day on Tuesday. In particular, we will be focussing on James and the Giant Peach, the BFG and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Ronald Dahl’s books are quite advanced for the age group of our children and so we have opted to focus on an extract from each book to maximise the learning opportunities. I have attached the extracts here in case you want to read along at home.


    Improvement Plan

    The children have requested more ‘deck chairs’ in the rear garden as they do not think there are sufficient resources for creating their aeroplanes. We have tried to encourage them to use their imagination a bit more but they have requested more outdoor seats.   We are therefore  looking at ways to provide further seating. If anyone has any crates at home that they would not mind donating, it would be much appreciated.


    Important Dates

    30 September – Lilly and Larry


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    The summer holidays are officially over and we look forward to welcoming back our children on Monday. Please do make a note in the diary of what they have been getting up to during the holidays, or send some pictures that we can keep.

    We would like to welcome Julia and Michal who will be joining us this term. We have also welcomed a new teacher, Agueda, to the nursery so please do say hello. Over the next couple of weeks we will be saying goodbye to the last of our preschoolers and wish them all the best for the future.


    New garden area.

    Many of you will have seen the fabulous changes we have made to our back area to extend the outdoor play area for the children. The children have enjoyed having the choice of where to play and are already exploring this new environment. On Friday, we installed a new side gate with a safety latch to prevent the children accessing areas unsupervised and we have also carried out a risk assessment (which will be ongoing).

    Our theme for September is now up on the website so please do talk to your children about these topics at home.

    New Role Play Area

    We have recently transformed our construction area into the children’s very own house and it has proved incredibly successful. If you have any unwanted kitchen items at home, please do send them into the nursery as they will be a great resource. We are also collecting bracelets and toys and items for an outdoor playhouse so please think of us before you send items to the recycling.

    Staff Training Days 

    Please note that the calendar has now been updated with staff training days and closures for the next academic year.

    Staff Training Days will be held on:

    Friday 4 November 2016

    Friday 3 March 2017

    Friday 12 May 2017

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