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  • Before I go on to give you March highlights, I would just like to remind you that our theme in February was “All Around the World”. As part of that theme, we thought it would be lovely for the children to interact with other children their age in other countries. We reached out to nurseries in Poland and Singapore who would like to have us as a pen pal. And we have made some lovely connections. We would like the children to be able to send across their drawing and notes to their new friends. And maybe even a picture of their class. If you would NOT like your child to participate then please let me know.IMG_2429







    We are so glad that March  was a long month because we struggled to fit in all the fantastic activities we had planned. The weather has not been great but we managed to squeeze in some trips to the park on the few sunny days :-) IMG_7362 IMG_7361











    The focus in March was on Spring. The children were encouraged to participate in gardening and to learn about how fruits and vegetables grow.

    The children learn’t about the germination process, made bird seed ornaments, and were introduced to the process of photosynthesis.








    Spanish sessions last month focused on the names of different fruits and vegetables. The children were amazing.IMG_4780








    Sports Relief

    Many thanks for your contributions. We were able to donate 50 pounds to this worthwhile copy









    World Book Day

    Many thanks to those parents who came in to read a story to the children. It was lovely to have the parents in the nursery.

    story parent








    As part of World Book Day, we also set the staff a competition. With no budget at all, they had to try and bring a story to life. The entries were all amazing. Winners: Charisse (Greenford) and Natasha (Eastcote)

    story comp







    Preschool trip to Pizza Express. We thought that we would travel to ‘Italy’ the home of Pizza, but found out that the first pizza was actually made in Egypt and named after the Queen Margherita.

    IMG_7201 IMG_7186











    Preschool objectives for next term is to reinforce blending and segmenting, introduce sight words and work on simple sums.


    Parent feedback: We are committed to good customer service and ensuring that we maintain our high quality. A survey to gain parent feedback will be sent over the next couple of weeks.


    Spring Term reports will be available for you to view from week commencing 16 April 2018.



    3 May 2018: Eastcote nursery is closed for Polling Day.

    11 May 2018: Mini beasts trip (toddlers) – trips are always subject to change

    25 May 2018: Greenford Staff Training day


  • February was an action packed month. Chinese new Year, Valentines Day and Discovery Greenford’s 3rd birthday were some of the highlights.

    February’s theme was “All Around the World” and it was lovely to introduce the children to so many different countries and cultures. Introducing the children to the different continents, cooking local food, CNY parade and dressing in traditional cloth is some of the many things that the children participated in.

    Preschool objectives for next term is to focus on blending and segmenting. The children have been making great efforts.


    Greenford Newsblog

    New Joiners and leavers

    This month, we are also pleased to welcome Shivank, Hubert and Roxana.



    Eastcote Newsblog

    New Joiners and leavers

    This month, we are also pleased to welcome Laura, Emma and Sam.

    Lychees - an acquired taste!
    Lychees – an acquired taste!























    Greenford Story time with parents – Friday 2nd March (weather dependent)

    Eastcote Story time with Parents – Monday 5th March (weather dependent)

    Eastcote Preschool trip – Wednesday 7th March (weather dependent). Permission forms will be uploaded onto the Parents closed Facebook page.

    Sports Relief – Friday 23rd March

    End of Spring term – Thursday 29th March


  • What a fabulous start we have had to the year. It was lovely to welcome the children back after the holidays, and amazing to see their development.

    Please note that Autumn term reports are available to view on Tapestry. If you have any problems viewing your child’s report please let me know.

    This month’s theme has been ‘Seasons’ and the children have amazed me with their interest, recollection and creativity. Making season bottles, making snow out of bicarbonate soda and shaving foam, and gardening – have been some of the fun activities that we have done to reinforce the theme.

    Preschool have been doing tremendously well with their writing, and early maths. Phonics is progressing and the focus is moving towards blending and segmenting.


    February’s theme is All Around the World. If you have anything at home that can help us to reinforce this theme we would be grateful. This may include cultural clothes, packaging of ethnic foods for use in our role play area – the list is endless

    Greenford Newsblog

    What a fabulous start we have had to the year!

    New Joiners and leavers

    We are sad to be saying goodbye to Paulina who will be leaving us in February to take up a position with a school. Paulina has been with the team since 2016 and will be missed by us all.  We have recruited a replacement for Paulina and I have high hopes that she will be a fabulous addition to the team. Nerimane has considerable experience and has worked at Greenwood Primary school for over 4 years. She will begin her induction next week.

    Due to a house move, Agi has relocated to our Eastcote setting (which is a few minutes from her house). She will be back in Greenford during the holidays, and was sad to leave her key group. Sue will now take over as key person to our youngest key person group and will send parents a message via Tapestry.

    This month, we are also pleased to welcome Ismaeel, Taylor and Adam.

    Good News

    I am pleased to announce that Afshan has been promoted to Junior Manager of Greenford. Funmi will continue to be overall Manager at the setting but will hand over the day to day running of Greenford to Afshan over the next few months. Please feel free to raise any comments, suggestions or concerns with Afshan or Funmi


    Eastcote Newsblog

    New Joiners and leavers

    In January, we were sorry to say goodbye to Maria who had to leave on short notice, but very pleased to welcome new additions to our team.

    Agi who has been with Discovery Greenford since 2016 moved over to Eastcote. We also welcomed Natasha (Level 4 qualified) and Wiktoria (degree in Early Childhood studies). Wisteria works on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and provides additional support for one to one activities with children.

    This month, we are also pleased to welcome Aria, Aaradhya, Zian, Maher and Elijah.










    February 12th – 16th: Half term for those accessing term time only

    February 19th: Staff Training Day (Greenford and Eastcote will be closed)

    March 1st: World Book Day (children can dress as their favourite book characters).

  • Over the past few weeks, we have been pleased to welcome Luke, Sophia, Eleni and  Eddy


    Our recent Staff Training day

    On 3 March the nursery was closed for Staff Training day. It was a very productive day as the staff were trained in developing creativity through open ended resources.

    The staff also received Tapestry training and I am already seeing the results in the quality of the observations that are coming through.

    If you are not receiving your children’s observations through tapestry, or have not activated your account – please let us know.


    Your rubbish is our treasure

    We are trying to build up resources in our kitchen area and outdoor mud kitchen. If anyone has kitchen/household utensils that they no longer have need for, we would love to have them at the nursery. Broken toasters, kettles, utensils are all really fab resources for us.


    30 hours free childcare and Tax-Free Childcare

    To find out whether you are eligible please visit and  check the Child Care Calculator at


    End of term development summaries

    We are in the process of compiling end of term development summaries for your child. This will be sent to you by email. We are also hoping to invite you in for Parent Consultations in the first week of April. Due to the high number of parents, this will have to take place during the nursery day. Please keep an eye out for the sign up sheet.

    New Eastcote nursery

    I was hoping to have one consolidated Facebook page for Greenford and Eastcote but it doesn’t work so…. we have set up a new Facebook page for the Eastcote setting. Please check it out and share :-)

    Important Dates

    27 March – Lilly and Larry

    31 March – Easter Egg hunt @ The Cavendish

    31 March – 18 April Half Term for children accessing term time only.

    12 May – Staff Training Day (Nursery closed)

  • New Joiners and Leavers

    Over the past few weeks, we have been pleased to welcome Natasha, Zeineb and Ody. We have also welcomed two new members of staff Stherlin (a qualified teacher) and Shayahn.

    We were sad to say farewell to Agueda who left us last Friday to find a position closer to her home in Hackney.


    Our OFSTED report is soon to be published and I have been sent a copy of the report. Whilst it is not yet published on the OFSTED website, I am pleased to say that we received a ‘GOOD’ rating for our first inspection. The report  noted the” confidence and self-assurance” of our children. That our children are “inquisitive learners and make good progress” and that “all our children are ready for the next stages in learning”. Maybe most importantly it notes that “Children enjoy their time in nursery”.  Of our staff, it recognises that they are a “successful team”  “considerate and thoughtful”and that they ” understand the children well and provide them with good levels of emotional security”.

    Apparently, we did not convince the inspector that we include you, the parents, enough in our evaluation systems ( so expect some parent questionnaires in the near future). In addition, it noted that we need to challenge the older boys a little more as the inspector did not agree with my approach that boys should be permitted to partake in boisterous play as long as it is in fact play.

    We will continue to strive to maintain and improve outstanding practice.



    It has been an actioned packed few weeks. We have covered: The World, Transportation, Chinese new Year, Valentines Day, 3 Little Pigs….

    Here are a few pics

    blog1 blog2 blog3 blog4 blog5



    Our new online learning journeys have been going really well and we have confirmed our subscription. That you so much for those parents who have been accessing their children’s observations, commenting and even posting observations from home. It really does help to provide a truly holistic view of your children’s progress.

    There are a few parents who are yet to access their child’s online learning journeys. Please do have a word with Funmi, Afshan or Paulina if you are having difficulties.

    30 Funded hours childcare

    The new 30 hours funded childcare for children aged 3 and above (of working parents or a sole working parent) will come into force in September 2017. The Funded hours are for term time only. Nursery providers and schools have discretion as to whether or not they will be offering it, and it is anticipated that many schools and nurseries will not be offering it as they will have capacity issues.

    That is NOT the case at Discovery. We will be offering the 30 funded hours to all our existing children. We will be offering flexible sessions for the 30 hours so feel free to speak to Funmi or Dipo about your proposed arrangements. Many have already approached me to go full time with the funded hours deducted, and others have asked to match school times Monday – Friday 9am – 3pm.

    New Eastcote setting

    Our Eastcote setting will be opening on 1 April 2017. It will be a term time only nursery for children aged 2-5 years. Please do share this information with anyone you think may be interested.

    Important Dates

    23 February – Possible visit to Pets At Home
    2 March – World Book Day (Children can come dressed up)
    3 March – Staff Training Day (Nursery will be closed)